I am innovative programme designer who develops highly interactive, adaptive processes that have deep individual meaning and empower change.

I believe in whole person development, training dollars are wasted unless you reach people at a deeper level.

As a facilitator and coach I am engaging, dynamic, inclusive and intuitive and I harness the participant’s insights to empower change whilst challenging when required.

I have a strong and perceptive understanding of business and what it is to be a successful professional.

  • Associate Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)
  • Chartered Accountant (CAANZ)
  • Certificate in Adult Education & Training
  • Certified in Leading Dimensions Profiling
  • Owned three businesses
  • 15+ years of workshop facilitation experience
  • Previous corporate roles include:icflogocolor
    • Financial Projects Manager – Levene & Co Ltd
    • Business Analyst – Countrywide bank (now ANZ)
    • Business consultant – Auckland City Council

Ngaire’s story:

Ngaire NewlandMy reason for starting Be More Now is a personal one and my story explains why I am so passionate about growth and change.

Early in my twenties I pushed myself too far, doing too much. I was a bit of a perfectionist. This pressure I put on myself, coupled with a health issue and the loss of my first partner to cancer led to a burn out and an early mid-life crisis.

All of this drove me to want to ‘be more’ – be more authentic, be more present in my life, be more intentional in my choices, and be more fulfilled and excited by life.

Of course to do all of this I had to grow and change and after much reading and experimentation have learnt that coaching and facilitation are keys to real growth and change.

Personal Philosophy:

Become authentic and true to who you are with a clear vision and goals, then you can act and prioritise with intention, leaving time to be present, well and innovative.

Define your purpose and create your legacy
Being too busy is not aligned with innovation and optimum performance
Integrate your Business & Life, spend time being strategic with both
Don’t be afraid to be authentic and rock the boat
You have choices in every moment, use them

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