Your company’s workforce is your most valuable commodity.  If your staff are not engaged, personally invested or performing at optimal level then it’s affecting your bottom line…..

  • Do you need to see positive, tangible behaviour change in your workplaNgaire Newlandce?
  • Do you want to discover, tap into and capitalise on your team’s individual and collective talents?
  • Do you want to build an innovative team empowered to find creative solutions to your client’s problems?
  • Do you need a more engaged, productive and peak-performing team?                                   

Investing in your team’s individual growth and development by implementing behaviour change improves performance and increases meaning and purpose in the workplace.  Training dollars are wasted unless you reach people at a deeper level.  I develop the whole person not just individual skills.

I offer a bespoke coaching programmes specifically tailored to fit your individual and company needs that develop the whole person.

My methods are creative, engaging, experiential and transformational.

My coaching programmes include;

  • Behaviour Change
  • Wellness
  • Innovation

My philosophy and facilitation are based on the following premises:

  • People do not change unless they understand what’s in it for them
  • Participants need to be absorbed in an interactive & challenging process
  • No one changes if they are told what to do
  • Personal empowerment and change come from harnessing participants personal insights
  • The need to tap into a deeper meaning for individuals and align it with their values
  • Challenges and accountability personally and externally are critical

If you  would like to explore how I can help transform your team into a high-functioning, more engaged and personally invested workforce, please contact me to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

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