Using Behaviour Change Theory to see results

The key to optimal performance in business and in life lies in the wellness of individual people. And the easiest way to get the best out of the people you interact with is to understand their behaviour and what motivates them to think and act in a certain way.

This is where Behaviour Change Coaching can helNgaire Newlandp.

Using well-researched and evidence-based Behaviour Change theory, we can address:

  • communication issues
  • wellness and stress management
  • resilience, emotional intelligence
  • business skills and capabilities
  • …any other concerns where environmental, personal and behavioural elements affect performance

Working together in group sessions, we can uncover what you, your team or organisation needs to function at the most efficient, productive level possible.

You might already recognise where the problems or obstacles lie. You may have previously tried to change, re-engineer or re-structure teams or individual employees. The secret to getting these tactics to work long-term lies in getting to the heart of what motivates people to change.

This is where we come in. Through innovative, transformational and engaging (ie. fun!) facilitated on-site programmes we can break down those barriers to change and uncover and encourage the behaviour changes necessary.

Get in touch with us to begin exploring how Behaviour Change programmes can help you and your organisation.